Text Tree Generator

Generate a beautifully looking text tree from simple lines of text. Use "=" as indentation symbols. The result updates as you type.

Use the result in markdown or any other textual documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a text tree be used for?
Use a generated text tree to make any documentation clearer: data organization conventions, directory structures for code architecture, etc.
What is the difference between a text tree and an ASCII tree?
A pure ASCII tree does not use extended characters to build a tree. A text tree generated by this tool uses non-ascii characters for a more visually appealing tree.
Can I generate a text tree from Markdown?
Sure! The generator uses "=" as an indentation marker, because it's easy to type. But feel free to take some Markdown source with "#" headings, replace "#" to "=" and generate a tree.
Can I convert a generated tree back to text?
The generator works both ways, so you can seamlessly edit either initial text or the generated tree and have results reflected in both inputs. This allows to make additional edits after you have already used the generated tree.
Will I lose my tree if I close the page by accident?
All input is stored locally (we don't store anything on the server) when the page is closed, so nothing is lost.